7 Costly Mistakes Pool Buyers Often Make

For many, choosing a swimming pools installation company you can trust to help you create your dream outdoors piece of paradise can be a minefield of pitfalls and unforeseen traps. But it is rather straightforward when you know what to look out for… when you have access to the right advice, from experts that value your concerns and trepidations and will work with commitment to you to bring your dream to reality.

Northern Rivers’ leading Swimming Pools Installation & Outdoors Lifestyle Company is at your service to provide the best advice and solutions you have been looking for. We understand that everyone has different needs and purposes when creating their dream outdoor piece of paradise. And we know that your choice to install a swimming pool is influenced by many factors, not the least your desire to immerse and relieve yourself of the stifling summer heat, whilst your neighbours undress and lie exhausted and drained on their bare floors under the artificial breeze generated from ceiling fans or overworked air conditioners.

And look, we’re well aware of the realities many buyers face when making big decisions that are outside their area of expertise. That’s why the great team of ‘Northern Rivers Pools’ has come up with the following…

“7 Big Costly Mistakes Swimming Pool Buyers Often Make When Planning Their Dream Outdoors Piece Of Paradise And How YOU Can Easily Avoid Them”


Not Dealing Directly With The Expert That Will Be Hands On Installing Your Swimming Pool To Exacting Standards

Nobody likes nasty surprises… especially when it comes to potential challenges that could end up costing you angst and money down the track. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to swimming pools. Every site is different and only experts that have been working with and on swimming pools for many years can foresee what unskilled sales people would otherwise miss.

At Northern Rivers Pools, we eliminate this risk entirely as we DO NOT employ Sales People to visit your property and quote you for installing a swimming pool that may not be the best solution for your needs or desires. The only person that possesses the necessary skills to assess your ‘Big Picture’ and identify potential challenges onsite is the expert that will be onsite to oversee all aspects of access, excavation, installation and completion of what can at times be a very complex chain of events. When dealing with ‘Northern Rivers Pools’ you can be assured that person will be the owner of the business and the onsite supervisor of your new inground swimming pool installation, Grant Vidler.


Not Asking For And Receiving A 100% Fixed Price All Inclusive Quotation Before Agreeing To A Binding Contract

How many times have you heard the horror stories of people signing what they expected to be a Fixed Price Contract, only to be hit up later for massive extra costs for variations that should have been allowed for in the contract? We often hear stories from people where the company that installed their pool later tells them that removal of excess spoil from excavation is not included in their contract and must be arranged and paid for separately. Or even worse, that they are stung for thousands of dollars extra to remove rock that they hadn’t allowed for.

At Northern Rivers Pools, we recognize that when you come to us for a quotation to supply & install your new swimming pool you are not expecting or budgeting for thousands of dollars of potential variations. That’s why when we present our quote, you are automatically covered by our industry first “100% Fixed Price All Inclusive, Ready To Swim In” Price Guarantee. Your contract will clearly explain what is and more importantly what is not included to get your pool ‘Swim Ready’. This Guarantee delivers much wanted Peace Of Mind & Confidence that your new swimming pool will be installed on budget with no nasty surprises.


Limited Time Guarantees, Insist On A Lifetime Structural Guarantee On Shell Workmanship & Quality

All swimming pool installations in NSW MUST be automatically covered by the Statutory Warranty period of 6 years against product and workmanship of installation. What happens beyond 6 years is up to the individual manufacturer of the pool shell. Some manufacturers only offer 7 years, 15 years or up to 25 years. If all swimming pool shells are required to meet or exceed Australian Standards that are amongst the worlds most stringent, how long would you expect your swimming pools shell to realistically last?

At Northern Rivers Pools, all of our shells are produced on the Gold Coast at Leisure Pools Headquarters to the highest standard possible, exceeding Australian Standards. For this reason, all Leisure Pools shells carry a UNMATCHED AND INDUSTRY FIRST LIFETIME STRUCTURAL GUARANTEE ON SHELL WORKMANSHIP & QUALITY, as well as a LIFETIME STRUCTURAL OSMOSIS GUARANTEE. The test of our confidence in our product will ensure that you will be covered against structural defects long beyond any of our competitors.


Not Demanding And Receiving The Most Energy Efficient Pump & Filtration System Available

We all know how the cost of electricity has been rising recently, along with the growing requirements of manufacturers to develop more environmentally friendly GREEN technology. Let’s not dismiss the ongoing costs of maintaining a sparkling clear swimming pool to the highest standard of filtration for your family’s health. But just as important is the challenge of reducing the environmental impact.

At Northern Rivers Pools, we have met this challenge to bring to you Leisure Pools’ Exclusive SMART Range of Pumps and Filtration Equipment that have been approved with an outstanding 8 star MEPS energy rating. This means that whilst most conventional pool pumps supplied by our competitors use single speed motors that work at maximum capacity at all times, our SMART Multi Speed Pump motors can operate at 3 different speeds to adapt to the task at hand reducing your electricity consumption and saving you money all year round.

Independent tests have shown that compared to conventional single speed motors, our SMART Multi Speed Pump motors will save you up to 80% off the lifetime operating costs of your Pump and Filtration Equipment. Imagine the savings that you will realize over the years along with the reduced emissions released into the environment.

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At Northern Rivers Pools you are at the right place when it comes to choosing your new swimming pool to create your own dream piece of paradise. Our small team of experts, backed by the team at Leisure Pools will ensure that you are armed with all the necessary information, together with the best advice to create your ‘Big Picture’, giving you confidence and certainty that your dream will soon become a reality. Our commitment to you extends far beyond simply digging a hole and installing your pool, then throwing you to the hungry wolves, leaving the rest to you.