Pool Equipment “Changing For The Better”

Over the last few years we have seen some massive changes in swimming pool equipment & accessories.

Energy efficient pumps & robotic pool cleaners have been leading the way in changing the way pools are run.

Let’s have a look at the way pumps have changed.

The old style pumps were a single speed, A/C motor that chewed 1000 watts of electricity just for it to run. They are loud, powerful and with the cost of electricity nowadays, expensive to run.

I still to this day have conversations with prospective clients who want a “2hp” pump, “ No smaller!”

The efficiency of a pump no longer relates to just horse power.

Performance is all about flow rates, head sizes & litres per minute.

The best of the new style of pumps should be variable speed & have magnetic brushless D/C motors.

There are many brands out there trying to jump on the bandwagon & claiming to be THE most energy efficient.

So how does a consumer know what they are being sold?

My tip would be to go with the pump that has been rated by MEPS.

The more stars it has the better the energy efficiency. One way to look at MEPS ratings is that each star relates to a $100.00 per year saving in your pocket on electricity.

I hope this helps people in their search for a pump to use on their pools.  Swapping over your old pump for a new one will see the cost recovered in no time & every year after that you will reap the rewards.

It also helps reduce our carbon footprint, which can only be a good thing.