“Why is my pool water cloudy?”

“HOW HOT IS IT? – How do I cool my pool?”

How hot has it been in the Eastern corner of Australia over the Xmas & New Year period?

Really hot!! Many records have been broken right across NSW & QLD in the last couple weeks with temperatures hitting the 48C mark in some places & plenty of other areas over 40C.

So what’s this mean to pool owners in these areas?

Well there are a few of things you need to know.

Firstly, no, your pool is not leaking! In heat like this, coupled with some the hot winds, pools that are not fitted with a pool cover will lose 20-40mm of water per DAY! In layman’s terms the average pool will lose 800-1800 litres of water per day due to evaporation if you don’t have a quality pool cover fitted to combat this.

Secondly make sure that you have your chlorinator output right up as the extra use your pool is getting along with the extreme heat dissipates chlorine very quickly. Make sure your pool is running for two lots of four-hour cycles per day – Once in the morning before you swim & once in the evening when you have finished. That should keep your water safely sanitized for you & the kids with the correct chlorine settings.

Finally, there are a couple of ways to cool your pool down during the hot times.

One easy and fun way is to deep freeze or buy blocks of ice during the really hot weather events & put them into your pool water.

Another option is to purchase a solar system that not only heats your pool but can also cool your pool during the summer months. These, or an electric heating/cooling pump, are a simple yet effective way to combat pool water that isn’t the ‘just right’ water temperature for you to enjoy.

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