Water Features

Who doesn’t want a water feature these days? The peaceful calmness that one gets from watching and listening to running water appeals to everyone. So why not combine this vibrant experience with a practical application?
Northern Rivers Pools introduces a water feature that is combined with an enclosure for your pool filtration. At the back of your water feature is a practical enclosed area for your pool’s pump, filter, salt chlorinator, pool equipment, chemicals, storage of toys and other things you use around your pool. All neat and tidy, sound proofed and protected from the weather.
Not only this but with your filtration being so close to your pool everything works much more efficiently from pumps to pool cleaners. Swimming pool equipment can look a little unsightly at times and it has always been a problem covering it up, protecting it and sound proofing it but now all of these problems can be solved and have the added benefit of an attractive water feature.
The gentle sound of running water has been proven to be one of the most soothing sounds on earth. Almost every person and creature responds it. Now you can have a water feature in your very own yard, so that the calming sound of running water is always part of your landscape. Northern Rivers Pools offers a selection of water features to compliment any taste and any pool design. Your satisfaction is our primary goal, and that begins with offering a wide range of products for you to choose from.