SMART Robotic Cleaner

SMART Robotic Cleaner’s cutting edge technology means you save time and acheiveexcellent results in water cleanliness and quality.

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The SMART Robotic Cleaner is at the cutting edge of technology for cleaning pool.
The SMART Robotic Cleaner is fully independent of the pool filtration system and works without any suction hoses or hook up booster pumps, this extends the life of your valuable equipment and significantly reduces your running costs.
Installation and hook up is simple and takes just minutes. Once the cleaner is running it will clean all areas of your pool with its built in 2 hour cycle
A powerful high speed motor and an ultra fine inbuilt filtration bag, down to 2 micron, is essentially a secondary circulation and filtration system for your pool water. The SMART Robotic Cleaner also has a scrubbing action that removes and collects significantly more debris that other cleaning devices.
The SMART Robotic Cleaner is a SMART option for keeping your new Leisure Pools swimming pool looking perfect.