The Sorrento Spa

Since the day of dawn people have recognised the healing powers of warm water. Combine this with the ergonomic design and precision jets to give you a Spa that is your own personal haven.

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The Sorrento Spa

After a short time in the Sorrento Spa, you’re likely to experience less stress, improved circulation, better sleep and fewer symptoms of arthritis and back pain.

The Leisure Pools Sorrento Spa has strategically placed jets and ergonomically correct seating to create an ideal place for practising a variety of calming, comforting and healing routines. Especially good cooling down on those hot summer nights.

The Sorrento Spa is available in all the colours that are available for the pools enabling you to colour match your pool and spa combination.

The Sorrento Spa specs  The Sorrento Spa drawing

The Sorrento Spa features



Northern Rivers Pools, the Leisure Pools agent and builder for the Northern Rivers NSW can supply your pool to fit into any environment. These colours have an inbuilt sparkle that shines like diamonds, plus it also features Nuplex Composite’s AQUAGUARD®ECO Gelcoat which is a new generation, high-performance gel-coat combining advanced performance and dramatically reduced VOC emissions as a consequence of extremely low styrene content…. so the SMART Colour Range not only looks good but is good for you and the environment!


As with the SMART Range, the Leisure Pools Granite Range features the unique non-abrasive granite style finish. This is a proven range of colours and even though the choice of colour is such a personal thing, you will have little chance of going wrong with any of the colours in this range.



The Leisure Pools Composite Armour™ swimming pool is a revolutionary advancement in composite fibreglass swimming pools. It offers the following unique advantages:

  • Full Vinyl Ester Resin Construction
  • High performance fibres reinforce with DuPont™ Kevlar®, Carbon Fibre and Basalt Fibre
  • Composite Armour™ Step Technology™
  • Exceptional Quality Control
  • Lifetime Warranties

Testing shows that a Leisure Pools Composite Armour™ Full Vinyl Ester Resin swimming pool is 111% stronger than a standard fibreglass swimming pool.