Winterising your Pool

Winter is an interesting time for pool owners. Some people love using their pool so much that they have it heated with an electric heat pump or gas heater so they can swim all year round.

Other people just want to use their pool in summer to cool off on a hot day.

If you don’t heat your pool then there are some options to save yourself money on the running costs associated with owning a pool.

Some people recommend winterizing a pool by raising up the chlorine levels of the water, putting a cover over the pool & turning all the equipment completely off for a 2-3month period. Even though this is a quite a popular method I am not a big fan on doing this.

I like to have the water turned over through the filtration system at least once a day. Salt chlorinators are very popular & widely used here in Australia. When using a time-clocked chlorinator it is important to wind back the hours of use in your timer settings. It is also important to lower your chlorine output. This is particularly important if your pool is covered.

You see, the major factors for chlorine loss in pool water are UV rays from the sun & use of the pool from people. In winter the suns rays are at their weakest & the pool is not being swum in. Factor in a pool cover & chlorine loss is almost zero. My recommendations are to run your pool for two hours a day with the chlorinator output right down.

The amount of time you run your pool depends on the flow rate output of your pump. The older style of pumps with single speed AC motors typically turn out 280-380 litres per minute. Simply multiply the flow rate by 60 to get your turn over per hour. If you know the water capacity of your pool then you can easily work out how long to run your pump for a full water turnover.

The new multi speed DC pumps usually run at around 140-150 litres per minute on their lowest speed setting. You may have to have the chlorine output even lower because the lower flow rate helps the chlorinator to run at it’s optimum. I hope this helps you all in keeping your pool crystal clear at the right price over the winter months.

Grant Vidler.